Announcing Chartwell Executive Services

Chartwell is pleased to announce Executive Services, a new product offering created to connect utility executives to industry-leading solutions, insights, and strategies for sustainable success.

Vice President Stacey Bailey explained that Chartwell Executive Services will provide customized service supplemented by Chartwell’s proprietary industry and customer research. These services will enable in-depth benchmarking and connect executives with a network of peers implementing innovative solutions to the challenges they face now and in the future.

Chartwell this year celebrates three decades of directly supporting utilities – first, on day-to-day operational improvements through the leadership councils, and more recently by extending that value to senior leaders via the Directors’ Strategic Council, which provides utility directors with an instant, exclusive network of peers plus outside experts to help them make strategic decisions, drive innovation, and achieve desired outcomes.

Chartwell Executive Services builds on that momentum to deliver additional value to utility leadership.

Embracing Chartwell’s philosophy of keeping utility customers and their priorities at the center of all services, Chartwell Executive Services were born out of extensive voice-of-the-customer research conducted through interviews with industry executives. Prioritizing outcome-based solutions and understanding the uniqueness of each utility’s environment, Chartwell will assist in building synergies across business functions and serving the needs of customers at all levels of the utility organization.

Participants in Chartwell Executive Services will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with members of our experienced executive consultant team to create a customized action plan. To address utilities’ key challenges and deliver value, Chartwell will connect executives to share innovative solutions; provide customized benchmarking support; facilitate an annual State of the Customer onsite workshop with content featuring Chartwell’s proprietary research; and produce a series of executive briefs on topics of critical importance to the utility industry.

“Chartwell will adapt the action plan to your utility’s priorities. We value and respect the time constraints that executives face, therefore Chartwell will gather the robust, turn-key information needed for strategic presentations,” Bailey said. “Our aim is to help executives maximize efficiency, learn from the experiences of peers, and increase the speed and quality of every outcome, ensuring sustainable success.”

Chartwell Executive Advisor Tracie Boutte will serve as Executive Services lead. After a 36-year career with Entergy, much of it spent as a utility executive deeply focused on bringing the voice of the customer to the table during every conversation, Tracie recently joined Chartwell to provide her expertise and share learnings with current executives.

Chartwell, Tracie, and the entire executive consultant team are excited to host executives in an exclusive session at Chartwell’s 2023 EMACS: The Customer Experience Conference taking place next month in Phoenix, Ariz. The exclusive session for executives, titled The Future Customer: Executive Only Meeting, will take place on Sept. 27, 2023, on the afternoon of the first full day of the conference. The executive-only meeting will offer a first look at Chartwell’s voice-of-the-customer research and customer and operational benchmarks, as well as the opportunity to discuss evolving trends in consumer behavior and the EV market.

To learn more about the benefits of Chartwell Executive Services, please email Tim Herrick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.