Learn how utilities are transforming marketing communications with business customers

By Noah Solomon, Senior Research Analyst –

Join us for Chartwell’s Feb. 27 webinar to learn how PECO identified and cultivated decision-makers to create champions for energy efficiency programs within the business customer segment. The effort won Chartwell’s Silver Program Marketing award (Chartwell login required).

When utilities try to drive program adoption or energy efficiency, they often focus marketing efforts on either residential customers or the utility’s largest business customers. Often, mid-size business customers are left out. PECO supplies an excellent example for other utilities that are also trying to address this gap.

Thomas Brubaker, Senior EE Promotions Specialist at PECO, says utilities should not let the “whales”  that is, large commercial customers distract one from catching the “jumbo shrimp” of mid-size businesses.

In early 2017, PECO embarked on a journey to refine its energy efficiency marketing to mid-size business customers and large commercial accounts. Leveraging multi-departmental collaboration and market research, the utility created a marketing funnel to identify prospects and walk participating customers through all project phases.

As a result of the funnel, PECO has significantly improved lead-generation to ultimately increase project completions. The company continues to refine its efforts to drive future engagement.

Join us for our webinar Transforming Marketing Communications with Business Customers at 2 p.m. Eastern on Feb. 27 to hear Brubaker discuss PECO’s success in catching the “jumbo shrimp” (not just the “whales”) of commercial customers.