Master the Task of Arrears Management (and more!)

Marvel’s Black Widow, out in early July after over a year of delay, promises the introduction of Taskmaster, a legendary Marvel Comics villain capable of mastering any skill after seeing it performed. As you might imagine, this makes him a quite formidable combatant and enemy of the Avengers and others, with his ability to master any task set before him.

As utilities across the United States and Canada work to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and its related fallout, there are a wide range of tasks they need to juggle, often simultaneously. With arrears at or near record highs for most utilities, customer bases that are often less communicative than usual and high numbers of disconnections looming for some, these utilities are faced with a stack of challenges. To be able to meet these, utilities need excellence in communication across multiple channels, leveraging billing assistance and/or payment programs such as budget billing and payment arrangements, and patient and flexible customer service representatives. Utilities across North America need to channel their own inner Taskmasters to meet the challenges presented.

As daunting as that sounds, don’t worry! Chartwell can provide you and your utility with the (super)powers to master best practices in all these areas. Our Insight Center is full of analysis reports, case studies, survey results and best practice publications to arm you and your utility with success stories and solutions in all these areas. Our frequent webinars continue to cover the recovery from COVID-19 and our Leadership Councils provide their member utilities with the unique and powerful opportunity to network, collaborate and jointly solve these problems. For more information on our offerings, contact us at Chartwell.

Let us know how we can help you channel your inner Taskmaster.