Customer Communication Best Practices from the Nation’s Leading Utilities

Leading utilities have pivoted from a mindset of meeting the customers’ expectations as an obligation by augmenting communications to expose opportunity. In this session, you will learn how to:

• Dramatically increase customer engagement, enrollment and desired behaviors.
• Increase the relevance of communications to your customer at scale.
• Leverage TCPA safe harbors to identify and correct orphan data.
• Enrich customer profile information with first-party data.
• Augment existing communications to capture express written consent.
• Establish predictable ROI, transforming operational expenses into profitable interactions.


  • Bill Joiner – Chief Strategy Officer, Message Broadcast

As Chief Strategy Officer at Message Broadcast, Bill leads the design of strategic communication initiatives serving the Utility, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Healthcare industries. During his 20-year tenure with the company, Bill has leveraged technology, conversational session flows, and complex decision logic to transform the way businesses and their customers communicate across all channels. Each day, millions of these conversations are deployed for the world’s most favored brands to inform, enroll, educate, transact, confirm, resolve and select or infer preference.

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