Industry Benchmarks and Best Practices: Chartwell’s Quarterly Review

Chartwell’s research team will review industry benchmark data and best practices published during the first quarter of this year. Featured topics will include:

• Outage Communications: What would the utility industry look like if damage assessment were done using drones and augmented reality, while most customers were kept informed about their outage via automated chatbots? How would utilities communicate with customers during outages if their outage management systems were designed to be used for real-time customer communication as well as for restoration? Chartwell will share answers to these questions based upon industry survey data and interviews with innovative companies.

• Contact Center: With the emergence of new technology and digital channels impacting the way companies do business, utilities must leverage contact center agents to create a consistent, positive experience for customers. As the landscape of the contact center is changing, utilities are recognizing the importance of supporting, training and honing agent skillsets to adapt to customer expectations. Chartwell’s Contact Center Survey identifies incentives, training, and strategic staffing opportunities to build the contact center of the future.

Attendees will also learn about upcoming Chartwell research topics and events.


  • Scott Johnson – Vice President, Chartwell Inc.

Scott is an accomplished researcher who is recognized industry-wide for uncovering industry trends and facilitating unprecedented collaboration among members of Chartwell’s research councils. He joined Chartwell as a senior research analyst in 2006 and was appointed Chartwell’s Vice President in 2014.

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