Time-of-Use Ushers in New Era of Customer Relations

As advanced metering infrastructures (AMI) have become increasingly mainstream, the wealth of accompanying data is creating numerous possibilities. Utilities and customers alike are now more equipped than ever to understand energy usage, discover trends, and identify cost-saving opportunities. One opportunity is the ability to offer time-of-use (TOU) rates to customers. TOU allows utilities to harness the meter’s data-driven capabilities, and it empowers customers to choose rate structures that fit their lifestyle and budget.

This report, which includes interviews with several utilities as well as data from Chartwell’s 2023 Residential Consumer Survey, takes a look at the impact of TOU rates on the customer experience, as well as on other areas such as electrification and serving vulnerable customers.


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customer experience customer satisfaction electric vehicle electrification rate options residential consumer survey sustainability TOU vulnerable customers
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